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Face masks are important for our safety and the safety of others. Today, we’re covering how to properly wear a KN95 and a 3-ply surgical mask.


Hi, everyone. Ricky Chu from Chu’s Packaging Supplies here. We’re in year two of the COVID-19 pandemic. And at Chu’s we’ve been closely monitoring what the CDC and the world health organization has been handing out in terms of safety mandates. One of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a face mask, but more importantly than just wearing a face mask is wearing it properly.

So today we’re going to teach you how to wear one. Right now I’m wearing a KN 95 face mask that was listed by the world health organization as one of the safest masks to wear. And I’m going to teach you how to put it on. They usually come flat like this very simple loop around one ear loop around the second ear, snug tight.

And there’s a metal bridge right here for your nose. And you push on that metal clip to form a tight seal. That way you’re protected all around. The other type of face mask is this three ply surgical face mask that we have at Chu’s Packaging Supplies as well. Same thing, very simple loop around one ear, loop around the other, pull it open.

And there is a thinner metal bridge right here to go around your nose, pull it down and you see you try to close all the openings around your face. Just like anything else, if you don’t wear it properly, it’s not going to work properly. So you want to make sure you cover your nose and your mouth. Don’t pull it under your nose.

Don’t hang it on your chin, and don’t wear it around your neck because it’s not going to work. For more information on our face mask and our entire PPE lineup, please visit our website at

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